Welcome to CC Yoga!

As an avid fitness/feel good enthusiast my entire life my group teaching first started with boot camp, sculpt and spin while my love for running in the early 90’s post-college kept me on the yoga mat to stay limber.   It is yoga that became my pillar of strength over the past 25 years since my curiosity brought me into a class as an undergrad at the University of Michigan.  I found calm in the midst of college academic and social pressures.  I will forever be grateful for that experience.  In 1989, when I first moved to Chicago yoga offerings were slim.  I discovered alignment-based Iyengar yoga at Yoga Circle and shortly thereafter ashtanga, vinyasa and bikram at Lakeshore Athletic Club.  I was a racer and marathoner so yoga balanced me.  The cool thing about yoga is you never know what it is preparing you for.   I became certified in “Reebok Flexible Strength” in 1996 – a gym-friendly approach to yoga - and in 2001 completed Moksha Yoga’s 200-hour certification under the guidance of Daren Friesen.  While at Moksha Yoga in Chicago, I had the good fortune to study with many yoga greats who visited us in Chicago including but not limited to Sean Corne, Shiva Rea, Gary Krafstow, Ana Forest, Rod Stryker, Andrey Lappa, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, Jonny Kest and Donna Farhi.  My yoga practice literally carried me through three pregnancies from 2001-2006.  Fast forward to today, our three children enjoy playing yoga. 

In addition to residing in the city of Chicago for 16 years, my family and I also lived in Franklin, MI and most recently in Park Ridge, IL.  We have embraced our relocation to Naples which feels like home due to the friendliness of people we meet and its’ sheer beauty.  It is with great enthusiasm that I plant the seeds of yoga, cultivating love and passion with students young and old and every ability.

Yoga is a process that supports us in our lives.  We must allow yoga to meet us where we are and to accept that it is exactly where we are meant to be both on and off the mat.  I encourage you to take time to consciously breathe, find calm and discover the benefits of yoga in your life which may include:   a reduction in stress, pain relief, weight management, better breathing, sharper-focused mind, increased flexibility, strength and circulation, cardio conditioning and inner peace.  Of course results may vary based on your needs;   the secret to success is the continuity of practice.